Rap Quotes about Weed & Blazing

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A ton of quotes about smokin’ weed, blazin’ buddah, and hittin’ spliffs from all sorts of rappers.

My personal favorite: “I hit more trees than a blind Tarzan”

Lethal like venomous snake bites the marijuana makes my eyes bright red like brake lights
– Canibus

I’ve been college, but to be truthfully frank, weed is knowledge because it makes me think
– Keith Murray

Get my kush in California, Get my dro from Arizona
– Lil Wayne

Blazin mo’ trees you think it was Christmas
– Dope Game

I get high like the clouds
Gather every rapper up
Bring em to the roof
And watch em’ fly for the Styles
– Styles P

I stay higher than giraffe pussy
– Gucci Mane

I smoke a blunt to take the pain out
And if I wasn’t high I’d prolly try to blow my brains out
– Tupac

OK I’m gettin weeded now I know I’m contradicting myself
Look I don’t need that now
It’s just once in a blue moon when there’s nothin to do and
The tension’s too thick for my sober mind to cut through
I get to zonin – me and the chick on the L and then we’re bonin
I free my mind sometimes I hear myself moanin’
Take one more toke and I leave that weed alone man
It got me goin’…
– Jay-Z

Armed and dangerous, ain’t too many can bang with us
Straight up weed no angel dust, label us Notorious
Thug ass niggaz that love to bust, it’s strange to us
Y’all niggaz be scramblin, gamblin
Up in restaraunts with mandolins, and violins
We just sittin here tryin to win, tryin not to sin
High off weed and lots of gin
So much smoke need oxygen, steadily countin them Benjamins
– The Notorious B.I.G.

These palm trees like my old homeboys, hella shady
– Chamillionaire

Will I, succeed, paranoid from the weed and hocus pocus, try to focus but I can’t see.
– Tupac

So what if I’m smokin’ weed onstage and doing what I gotta do? It’s not me shooting nobody, stabbing nobody, killing nobody. It’sa peaceful gesture and they have to respect that and appreciate that.
– Snoop Dogg

I smoke so much weed that you wouldn’t believe and I get more ass then a toilet seat.
– Nate Dogg

I was raised in the city, shitty
Ever since I was an itty bitty kitty
Drinkin’ liquor out my momma’s titty
And smokin’ weed was an everyday thang in my household,
And drinking liquor til’ you out cold
– Tupac

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#1 Lil wayne on 12.07.10 at 9:38 pm

My mind runs I can never catch it even if I got a head start
God please tell me I am feeling so alone way
I don’t need to worry ‘cuz I know the world’ll feel this nigga
Blessing in disguise but I am not hiding who I am open your eyes bro

#2 LaBrace on 01.26.11 at 10:55 am

Styles n jada are hard…they should do tracks with (JMT),Jedi mind tracks

#3 LONGoneHANGIN on 05.05.11 at 2:21 pm


#4 Weed Quotes on 05.16.11 at 1:28 am

Great lyrics here man, thanks for posting! Hey hey hey, smoke weed every day! XD

#5 satnam lunlicker on 12.06.11 at 4:52 pm

u fucking suck at quotes u fucking little bitch

#6 Saleena on 01.15.12 at 6:38 pm

Why drink and drive, when you can smoke and fly;)

#7 Mandy on 03.05.12 at 11:50 am

A friend with weed , is a freinds in deed((:

#8 William Meurer on 05.24.12 at 7:48 pm

Smoking a J, before / after I pray , the lord sees me, cuz I’m up high, you wudnt believe me till you have a try…

#9 Jay Perry on 08.18.13 at 12:46 pm

I get high like the birds and the planes , past the clouds so I don’t get wet when It rains

#10 Matthew Kro on 09.13.13 at 1:21 pm

Man made alcohol and God gave us this HERBS for free. so, why to waste money on alcohol? lets enjoy the gift of God. Fly high 🙂

#11 joshua oduor on 10.16.13 at 12:14 am


#12 joshua oduor on 10.16.13 at 12:20 am

smoke gat my eyes blurred bt my visions clear

#13 michael on 06.16.14 at 10:10 pm

smoke weed its make you hight up to god

#14 ALYZHA on 08.12.14 at 6:56 pm

when you feen ima give you the seen and let you watch me smoke this tree and ima plant another seed to try out another leave know what i mean

#15 Scout on 02.08.16 at 6:25 pm

I’m shecokd that I found this info so easily.

#16 Herbz on 04.12.16 at 7:03 am

Long Lιve dнι Irieness

#17 Sahi kellZ on 11.11.16 at 10:51 pm

Why to seArcH for biTcheS when they are arOunD Us to smoke we£d….letz fly to da sky ….Baw shit nega …put a joints let’s roll Up….!!!

#18 FirstFelica on 12.06.17 at 6:05 pm

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#19 HaroonBhatti on 06.20.18 at 1:23 am

I’m high in the sky,
In the clouds of my cry.

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