Hack is Wack – Norton/Snoop Doggy Dog… Fail?

Quotes, Snoop Doggy Dog

I was hoping I read this wrong. “Snoop Doggy Dog… Fail?”? That’s just not possible. Snoop can do AOL commercials and still come out smelling like roses. But his latest round of product endorsements is making me scratch my head.

http://www.hackiswack.com/ is sponsored by Norton (yes, the anti-virus people). The single official video for this promotion of Norton’s looks like it was put together in round-a-bout 15 minutes.

Check this review of the website, which includes the lone Snoop video that was officially released by Norton:

HackisWack.com has a ‘blinged-out’ look about it. Come on Norton, can’t you find a better marketing vehicle for your products? Perhaps a figure to give a serious product, anti-virus software that could save your data and identity, some clout, rather than Snoop Dogg? Now, please don’t misunderstand me. Snoop is a great pitchman; he has made himself a household name over the past twenty years and has accomplished it without selling out. He is a moving target in today’s rap landscape. But for Norton’s marketing department to move forward with the idea of him pitching anti-virus software is ludacris to me.

My favorite part of hackiswack.com? The Twits that are displayed on the lower right of each page. It’s tragic that Norton would be displaying negative twits on their own page.

As a stunning Coup de grĂ¢ce, HackisWack was hacked and rickrolled during its first days of operation.

What do you think? Let me know!

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