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Andre 3000’s new Song, “I Do” from Limelight Exclusives 2 (Evil Empire)

Howdy! Andre three stacks just put out a new tune that’s dropping this Thursday (8/12/10) on Evil Empire’s Limelight Exclusives 2 Mixtape.  The track is hot, it’s better than 97% of the music you hear on the radio. Andre 3000’s got his music coming out at a trickle, but it’s always good to hear some new tracks from the other half of the mighty OutKast.

Andre 3000 – I Do (No Tags) by Hypetrak

This track sample’s Lenny William’s hit “Cause I Love You”. What ya’ll think about it?

Limelight Exclusives 1
Limelight Exclusives 2 (new one, with Andre 3000’s song)


Here’s a classic OutKast & Sleepy Brown vid for your viewing pleasure:

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Big Boi Rap Quotes

Yoooo! Here are some Big Boi quotes for all ya’ll. There aren’t too many quotes floating around out there for Big Boi, you’d think there’d be more? Some bonuses for ya’ll (since OutKast is one of my favorite groups out there):

Big Boi - Mixtape for Dummies

A pretty nifty mixtape with some old and nu skool Big Boi tracks on it:
Big Boi’s Mixtape for Dummies (137 megs)

The first ~20 tracks are classic Big Boi tracks, while a few of the later tracks sound like tracks that didn’t make the cut on Sir Lucious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty (read: unreleased Big Boi tracks).

And here’s the video for “Follow Us” with Vonnegutt:

One of my buddies, let’s call him Montizzle, lives in Savannah (SEA PORT!) and was at the club when they filmed the video. He found out about it through the buzz in Savannah about Big Boi’s new album and also since he frequents The Jinx (where it was filmed) every Thursday night to dance. He thought they would be filming the video earlier in the night, but when he got to the club around ten, they were getting set up for the video. They held everyone outside until Big Boi got there at 11ish. The scene was a lot of Savannah SCAD (Savannah College of Art and Design) kids, wasn’t too much of a Hip-Hop vibe there. When Big Boi and Vonnegutt had both arrived, they started playing the song… then again… then again ’til they got all the footage they needed for the video. When Montizzle heard the beat drop, he knew the album would be hot. The SCAD kids were even bouncing up and down for a Big Boi song!

Hit the jump for Big Boi quotes!

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Andre 3000 Covering a Beatles Tune?


Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Whaddayou think of this Andre 3000 ditty? Sounds like it was going on the Class of 3000 soundtrack.

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