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Bob Marley Quotes Love & Life

Bob Marley is the mo’truckin’ MAN! Bob Marley had some quotes from everything from music to weed to destiny. His songs are eternal; they reach new listeners everyday, which is a feat. His music is timeless. Here’s a vid of Jammin’

It’s classic, ya know? Here’s one of my favorite quotes from Bob Marley,

Emancipate yourself from mental slavery, none but ourselves can free our mind.
-Bob Marley

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Quotes on Weed

Here’s another installment of rap quotes about smoking weed. Not all of the quotes are rap, some are some old-skoolers like Neil Young. Enjoy 🙂

My favorite:

And the blunts and liquor killing our lungs and liver
The asthmatic drug-addict, I function with it
-Black Thought

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