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Quotes Drake – Quotes from Drake

Some mo’ Drake quotes for your reading pleasure. This guy is young! He’s like two years younger than me and running the rap game. That’s some shit…!

This song was on a mixtape I was listening to a while back, and I thought to myself, “That sounds pretty familiar…?” A few weeks later, one of my homeboys was ridin’ with me and said “Oh SNAP, that’s the Still Fly beat!” Turns out, yea, it is! This is a straight-up bangin’ song, here’s the video.

If you want to download as a .mp3 any file from youtube, listentoyoutube.com is a great service-takes like 20 seconds to convert a video to a .mp3 you can download, then put on your ipod. Great stuff.

Here’s one of my favorite quotes, enjoy the rest of them after the jump!

If you think I’ma quit before I die – dream on
– Drake

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Drake-Rapper Quotes from Drizzy Drake

Here are some Drake quotes for ya’ll, I like this guy. He’s got some amazing lyrics and it’s not ALL blunts, 40’s and bitches, which is refreshing. That “Forever” song rocks, here’s the vid:

If you want some more awesome Drake quotes, peep iDrakeQuotes.com!

This is an awesome quote…

I’m tryna do better than ‘good enough’
– Drake

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Weed Smokin’ Quotes #2

Another installment of smoking weed quotes from various musicians. Ya’ll want to see a rapper/artist featured on this site? Let me know who you want to see and it will be done!

Thought ya’ll might enjoy a video and track from T-Rock. This guy was around Hypnotize Minds for a minute, but then (from the sketch info I can gather from the internets) had a falling out with them and moved back to the ATL. I originally found this track on a mixtape a friend gave me; it’s a sick song… Especially with subs.

My favorite quote from this bunch:

Pick it, pack it, fire it up, come along
and take hits from the bong
-Cypress Hill

Short, sweet and to the point.

More after the jump!

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