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The Best New Lil’ Wayne/Weezy Quotes (2013/2014)

Lil’ Wayne lovers, rejoice!

Weezy in the motherfucking house!

Lil' Wayne Quotes 2013/2014

We’ve got a couple pages of Weezy quotes for ya, but I figured that ya’ll needed just a couple more.

Let’s jump right into it!

A big shoutout goes out to everyone that shares this page on Facebook and Twitter with their friends, and leaves their favorite Lil’ Wayne quotes in the comments!

I got ice in my veins/Blood in my eyes/Hate in my heart/Love in my mind
-Lil’ Wayne

I let her put her legs around my neck, I promise if I fuck her harder she gon’ choke me to death
-Lil’ Wayne

Guns turn you boys into pussies, sex change
-Lil’ Wayne

I smoke till I got chest pains
-Lil’ Wayne

My weed smokers in the house? Yeah, I thought so!

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New Lil’ Wayne Music and Quotes for you

Hello interwebs land. From the results of the last poll, I can tell ya’ll like your Lil’ Wayne. So, since your wish is my demand, here’s a fresh new bangin’ track from him:

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I found this at http://www.rapgodfathers.info which is a pretty amazing site. They’ve got all sorts of new music that just dropped from all sorts of rappers, along with full mixtapes, all for free.

If these Lil’ Wayne quotes didn’t whet your appetite, I’ve consolidated some of the gems in the comment section into the rest of this post. Enjoy! Hit the jump for the rest.

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Rap Quotes about Haters

Love ’em or hate ’em, haters are here to stay, you just can’t let them get to you. Here’s my favorite quote about haters (and probably one of the truest):

Haters wanna’ be me
-Soulja Boy Tell ‘Em

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Rap Quotes about Weed & Blazing

A ton of quotes about smokin’ weed, blazin’ buddah, and hittin’ spliffs from all sorts of rappers.

My personal favorite: “I hit more trees than a blind Tarzan”

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