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Video for “Shawt Bus Shawty”

You got that stupid fruity swag shawty!

This video is the funniest thing I’ve seen in a good minute. Check out the impersonations of rappers; they’re spot on! I just eat me some squirrel meat, yea!

These guys have 25+ vids up on youtube, here’s a link to their page. Some of the earlier material ain’t up the the same level as Shawt Bus Shawty but it’s worth a watch. I hope they put out some new videos soon.

The first time I saw Shawt Bus Shawty was about 1am, I was messing around on the computer before I hit the sack. My neighbors probably wondered what was going on in my apartment that night, I watched this video more than a few times while laughing hysterically. Good stuff.

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The Best Jadakiss Quotes for Facebook and MySpace

Damn. Jadakiss is hot. Dude tells it like it is, he’s got some killer quotes and saying that come from his songs. Some of Jadakiss’ best quotes follow. My favorite Jadakiss quote:

If I lose my voice, nigga, Im’ma flow online!
– Jadakiss

Yep. Jadakiss is HARD!

Here’s his video for Why, it’s the uncut version with Anthony Hamilton

Hit the jump for the rest of the quotes!

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Andre 3000’s new Song, “I Do” from Limelight Exclusives 2 (Evil Empire)

Howdy! Andre three stacks just put out a new tune that’s dropping this Thursday (8/12/10) on Evil Empire’s Limelight Exclusives 2 Mixtape.  The track is hot, it’s better than 97% of the music you hear on the radio. Andre 3000’s got his music coming out at a trickle, but it’s always good to hear some new tracks from the other half of the mighty OutKast.

Andre 3000 – I Do (No Tags) by Hypetrak

This track sample’s Lenny William’s hit “Cause I Love You”. What ya’ll think about it?

Limelight Exclusives 1
Limelight Exclusives 2 (new one, with Andre 3000’s song)


Here’s a classic OutKast & Sleepy Brown vid for your viewing pleasure:

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Kanye West Quotes from Songs

Here are some Kanye West quotes from songs for ya’ll. I like Kayne, this guy’s ego is so massive and he’s so cocky it’s great fun to watch him on and offstage. His twitter account is a tribute to arrogance http://twitter.com/kanyewest, check it (and also friend us!).

I love this video for Stronger, Kayne rocks it here.

When he stole Taylor Swift’s VMA I was like, yep, that’s Kanye. And my favorite quote of his, by FAR, is this gem:

George Bush doesn’t care about black people… They’re saying black families are looting and white families are just looking for food…they’re giving the (Army) permission to shoot us
-Kanye West quote

I gotta add a second favorite also;

I said Yo Jay, I can rap. And I spit this rap that said I’m killin’ ya’ll niggas on this lyrical shit, mayonnaise colored benz, I push miracle whips.
-Kanye West quote

That’s a classy rap quote right there!

Hit the jump for more Kayne West quotes from songs to use on Facebook or Myspace, wherever!

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