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Happy 40th Birthday, Tupac

First up is a classic video. I have a feeling that more than a couple more times this summer, I’m going to be riding around, and the urge to hear this song will strike. Thanks to the miracle that is the internet, I can now hear some classic Tupac whenever the urge strikes. Ain’t life great? Happy 40th Birthday, homie. I know you’re living on a desert island somewhere, along with Bradley Nowell, Biggie, and Kurt Kobain.

So we’ve got some new Lil’ Wayne quotes for you here at RapQuotes.net. Hit the jump for the rest of them, here we go:

Always talk to God. Never listen to cops.
-Lil’ Wayne

Classic. And true.

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Wow. This ish is HOTT! SMKA – Caddys

So I’ve had this song on my iPod workout mix for a while now, but I finally got around to searching for it again on YouTube. It’s a dope beat plus some great rapping, it only has 3.3k YouTube views right now and this group has been around for a bit. I’m still digging around on the interwebs for some more of their music, but in the meantime, check out this dope video

SMKA – Caddys Featuring Gripplyaz, Young Trimm and A. Leon Craft

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