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Cigarette Rap Quotes

Yo fam! I’m back, once ‘gain, with some rap cigarette quotes. First, let’s take a trip down to Fort Minor…



Hot, right? Cigarettes and the rap game have always seemed to go hand-in-hand. From cigarettes being a look taken on by ‘outlaws’, to rappers proclaiming that they’re against the prevailing culture of the time, the counterculture has always embraced cigarettes in one form or another. However, there has been a new theme rising up, out of the vapors; electronic cigarettes. Wiz Khalifa has debuted a line of hash-oil “e-cigs”, and many celebrities have picked up nicotine-based electronic cigarettes. While we’re on the subject, check out another project of mine, which sells only the highest quality starter kits, atomizers, batteries, and accessories, FlavorPuff.com.

To start off the rap quotes about cigarettes, let’s remember that one of the greats, Tupac, smoked (and rapped) about cigarettes and Newports all of the time. In fact, his group, the Outlawz, reportedly smoked Tupac’s ashes on the beach in Cali, after he was cremated.


Its just like a cigarette, its something that I do Once in awhile but between me and you Its just like a cigarette Nobody’s really fooled  I dont want the truth, I wanna feel fucking cool

– Fort Minor, “Cigarettes”

I had a cigarette for breakfast, just for beginners, Cried for my lunch, and sleep for dinner.

– G. Dep, “Everyday,” Child of the Ghetto, 2001

At some point you have to realize there is MORE to life…than Just partying, drama, sex, drugs, smoking and drinking.


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